Friday, August 7, 2009

Hotels 24

Hotels have become quite clever these days with their in-room amenities. Like The Wit Hotel in Chicago with its cute wake-up calls or the complimentary laptops at The Lanesborough Hotel in London. We're also partial to the "donut soap" at The James and hotels that have Sony Readers orKindles. And of course, sexy in-room amenities continue to be popular with hotel guests.

At The Hotel Preston in Nashville, amenities are a big part of the guest experience. A Spiritual Menu is offered to guests so they can choose how they want to say their nightly prayers. And just by pressing the hotel's "You want it, you got it" button on the room phone, a lava lamp, a gold fish, a good book, an art kit, a rubber duckie and even milk and cookies can be delivered to your room.

Now the hotel is seeking to add to their amenity list and they want YOU to come up with their next big amenity offering. What is your ultimate fantasy when it comes to hotel room amenities?For the first time ever, you can actually tell us what that fantasy is and by doing so, you'll be entered to win two free round trip tickets on Southwest to Nashville, plus two nights at The Hotel Preston!