Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Narrow alleys carved between stucco-fronted houses and a deluge of steps, mellowed by the years, will guide you to the Hotel Caruso, in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. Stone lions guard its entrance, but don't be afraid, they will let you in to admire the ornamented column of the pillared hall.

The Hotel Caruso offers a breathtaking range of possibilities for our guests. Very spacious rooms, each room with its own unique style. The furniture reflects Neapolitan style and tradition and has been exclusively created for Hotel Caruso; some rooms also feature antique 18th and 19th-century pieces. Reproductions of some of the furniture used in the ancient 11th century palazzo have also been created, to add a link to the past.

The Hotel Caruso's rooms, of which 24 are suites and 24 double rooms, have been splendidly restored allowing you to relax in elegant and spacious surroundings. Enjoy a stunning sea view or a sunny balcony.

The hotel has a panoramic heated pool. The fully equipped fitness centre provides everything you need to maintain your exercise routine away from home. At the Wellness Centre, guests enjoy superb treatments by Aromatherapie and Maria Galland.

The Hotel Caruso has a range of dining facilities to suit every occasion. Traditional Neapolitan cuisine and regional Italian dishes are, of course, our speciality at the Caruso Restaurant and at the Belvedere Restaurant. The Cocktail and Piano Bar. Featuring frescoes from 18th century, it is located on the 1st floor of the main building. Aperitifs are served in the main bar and the arcade. Pianist plays for guests every evening until late in the living area. The Poolside Bar is perfect for those who prefer to relax by the pool at lunch time. Enjoy our selection of light lunches and a salad bar, alongside some of the finest and traditional Neapolitan wood oven baked pizzas.

The Hotel Caruso is one of the most beautiful venues for successful events such as banquets, cocktails, celebration dinners, wedding parties and for small, select seminars. The luxurious yet peaceful surroundings will ensure an atmosphere perfect for discussion, decision-making or simply relaxation.